The End Of An Era

OK, I'm not going to beat around the bush.  After much soul searching, I've decided to retire from creating videos and to discontinue posting here altogether.  This will be my last post on TG Creation.

This decision has been a long time coming, reaching back over a year.  Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed making videos, it's become harder and harder to get enthusiastic about it.  After 5 years and 150+ videos, there's nothing new for me to do from a creative standpoint.  Plus it's difficult to continue trying to shoe-horn the stories I want to tell into someone else's videos.  And without videos to post, there's no longer a real need for this site.

Just to be clear, I'm not taking this site down.  You can still continue to visit and check out my previous work.  However I won't be posting to it anymore.  I will still be keeping an eye on the comments though (and may even reply) and still receive messages from the contact form.

One thing to note is that my domain expires in May and I won't be renewing it.  So from that point forward (and even now), you can reach my site at I'll also be discontinuing my online storage account in May.  For that reason, I've gone through and posted all of my older videos on PornHub, with the exception of any that were rejected due to copyright.  So if you still want to download my videos, please do so before May.  After that, the download links will no longer work.

However, don't worry. This isn't goodbye.  I'll continue to write fiction (posted at TG Storytime) and to create rendered comics (posted at TG Comics and my DeviantArt page).  You can reach out to me through any of these venues, as well as my Tumblr page.

Even though I know this is the correct decision, part of me is still sad to see a big part of my life come to a close.  However my life and my priorities have changed greatly over the last five years, so this is absolutely the right thing for me.

I also want to give a monumental thanks to everyone who's visited me here over the years.  Your views and comments have been what's been keeping me going as long as I have.  I only hope that someone else can now take up the mantle of re-imagining videos and put their own creative take on them.

So now, even though I'm reluctant to stop typing and have this come to an end, it's that time.  And of course, I'll be ending things here the same way that I started them... with a video.  Naturally, one last time, I just had to feature my imaginary porn star girlfriend and frequent muse, CaraCum.

And just because, this video is about someone who creates TG porn on the Internet.  Seemed appropriate, eh?

For one last time... Enjoy!



TG enthusiast; Video revisionist; TG fantasy writer.


  1. Thanks! and sad to see you go...your videos were the only part of the community I still enjoy!! All the best and thanks for all the entertainment

  2. Thanks for everything you've done for the TG community over the years! So glad that you will continue to take part still, even if we don't get to see videos anymore.

    I'll make sure that the link section of my blog has your updated link for when the domain expires.

  3. I can understand your decision on finding other ways of expressing yourself in the TG community and your comics are definitely some of the best, so it's good to know that this isn't your goodbye and all I can say is keep up the good work.

  4. sorry to see it come to an end girl, you always did great work, will miss them. hugs and good luck with all other projects. Sedra.

  5. I need a couple days to think of what I want to say. You might be surprised by how, and how much, your videos have influenced someone.

  6. A wise person once said, when a door closes you can open it again. It's a door. We'll miss your vids, but it's equally exciting to watch for what comes next. And if you get a great idea for a video, it's not like you'll have forgotten how to make one. Thanks for all the great work, past and future.

  7. Can you give a list of the copyright ones?

  8. Can you make your comics and stories with more sexual content?

  9. Please.... Don't go....

  10. SAD SAD but thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years i know it has made me and lots of others very happy SO THANK YOU and good luck in future endeavors!!!!!

  11. I'm sad to see you go and will miss you and your videos. The first TG Swap video I ever saw was your Enslaved by Debt video, and I still watch it all the time. I thank you for all of your hard work putting together these videos, and I hope you find your happiness on the other side.

    Best regards,

    Krissy (TG name)

  12. Thanks for your contributions over the years. I'm happy to see 'Family Business', 'Racketeering', 'Ladies Night', and 'Vacation By The Pool' are on PornHub. I love those videos.

  13. did you know anyone else in this world who create re imagined videos like you

  14. I love your vids, Lilac. Good luck!

  15. I'll miss the videos. Much like captions, I agree there seems to be only so many ways you can re-imagine something. Writing seems to give you far more freedom because you can imagine anything you want. fictionmania seems to be dry lately, maybe I'll have to browse around tgstorytime more.

  16. Say it isnt so! Just wanted to say I loved your content, snd have enjoyed anonymously for a while. I'm too embarrassed, but people like you make me feel normal

  17. Really sad to see you go I have enjoyed watching your videos anonymously for a few years now and you have inspired me to start making videos of my own.

    For anyone interested in these types of fantasy's please check out my profile on pornhub (bodyswapmaker34) not as good as some of these I feel but I find it very hard to find bodyswap videos so I started making my own. Please help with feedback and suggestions.

    I will never replace LilacWren but I will do my best to help a growing fantasy.

  18. I truly appreciate the time and effort you have placed into this site. I'm sad to see you go, but can understand the you reasons for stopping. So, here is a simple "Thank you!!!" and all the best wishes for your future endeavors.

  19. I might be a bit late to the going away party, but I just wanted to let you know I've always enjoyed your work. I know how hard (and time consuming) video editing can be, and your work is always top notch. So, I'm glad you shared as much content as you did, and, of course, I'm sad to see you discontinuing this creative outlet. However, I do understand your reasons. As someone who puts out a lot of content (and for a while now), I know first hand how it can get monotonous. It's a lot of work, and it seems like so much more when you're not enthusiastic about the stories you're telling (or in this case, the medium).

    So, your work will be missed. I'll still follow your output on the sites you mentioned. Thanks for all the work you've put into this.

  20. Wren,

    It's difficult to put personal meaning into words, so an anecdote must suffice: Your blog was my introduction into the genre, and though I've read or watched just about everything out there since, your interpretation has always been my favorite, the epitome of what it could be. The intellect combined with the explicit sexuality never condescended. I kept coming back, hoping for another entry.

    For several years, I'd been stuck on where to go with my main novel. I've not yet been published, and the world of possibilities is still mine, but infinite opportunity was more decision paralysis than palette. After watching your videos, especially the Quantum effect ones, I gradually realized where I wanted my book to go. It's not imitation, but emulation. You opened a door I'd never have thought of on my own. For that, I've included an homage to you. Should my novel ever see the light of day, you can find it under 'semantically recursive, self-perpetuating, non-recombinative, host-identity analysis & palingenetic synthesis'.

    Or look for my own little bird: 'C.C.'

    I can't say I'm surprised you're retiring. One can generally sense when a favorite blogger is running out of... whatever they run on. Thanks for everything, and best of everything!


  21. Again, M'Lady; Not an end, but a transformation!.. Of energies, effort and erotic effects as you migrate from one sphere of creativity into the next. Surely that realm with gain greatly as you come into it, Lady Wren! My you carry some small bit of our adoration, applause and affirmation there with you as we retain those dreams and desire your works have done wonders toward visualizing!

    No one can touch without being also touched, Wren, and you have gone great lengths to bring us visceral viscosity via your vicarious videos so, I do hope that, at some point and to some degree at least, you have also felt what you have touched in/on/about your fans!

    Ever & always your fan!

  22. I can't believe I found this site just two months before you decided to shut it down! Is there somewhere that I can easily download all of your videos? Right now I just wanted through by clicking the ones listed to the side. I want them all before they go away. Thank you for doing all this!

  23. I know you quit youtube but I was wondering. will you ever make a 3rd tg sub of leuchtsturm

  24. Please reconsider your decision. Your work breaks new artistic ground. You are the most intelligent pioneer in this genre. You are a brilliant writer. Please preserve your work here on this site. Do not let the domain go. Your work is too good to allow it to be scattered to the winds of the internet.