A Change In The Weather - Part 1

It's time again for a new TG comic from me!  Today's is the first of two parts.

In this one, a TV weatherman is surprised on camera by some brand new technology that the show's producers wanted him to test out. Needless to say, the results are beyond anything that anyone could have expected.

This comic was already posted in its entirety over on TG Comics at the end of last week and is also on my DeviantArt page.

The original inspiration for it was a series of videos I'd posted on YouTube about two years ago, starting with TG Weather Girl - Part 1.  Although the plot of this one takes some different turns.  There are actually four videos in the series so if you like the first part, there's links to the rest of them there as well.

And speaking of videos, I thought I should address something that's been coming up in the comments here.  Yes, I have been focussing on comics lately, rather than videos.  But see things from my perspective.  I've created more than 150 videos over the last 5 years (30+ of them on YouTube and the rest here), so unfortunately I've become somewhat creatively burned-out on them.  To be honest, for more than a year, rather than being fun for me, it was often more of a chore just trying to keep putting out regular releases.

Don't get me wrong.  I still enjoy re-imagining videos, but it's just become harder to get enthusiastic about them since I feel like I'm going down the same paths over and over.  Plus with my other writing and comic work, I can create anything I can dream up, rather than having to pigeon-hole myself creatively and force someone else's videos to suit my story needs.

So all that being said, I'm sure that I'll still release videos here.  However I just can't guarantee when or how often.  I know that may lose me some viewers here, since that's what most of you originally came here for.  But I hope that you can cut me some slack and that you will enjoy my other creative works as well as my videos.

Thanks so much for your support.




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  1. Can you go back to videos?

  2. Hey i love your content including your comics but is there any chance of you getting back to making videos. IF its not what you are interested in anymore fair enough just some clarification on the future of your content would be nice.

    1. Read my post above. Unfortunately I can't be any more definite at this time.

    2. Hey im sorry i didnt read this page before posting, very dumb of me. I love the comics to be clear, im hoping to see you make something with a sex scene involved, do you plan on making a comic sex scene at some point?